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all eyes on asia: No other region today excites industry and heres why

By 2030:
Expected to expand to 2.7B and comprise 43% of worldwide consumption / generate $32 trillion in annual expenditures (Source: ADB)

89% of world aquaculture output, 85.5% of the world's fish farmers, 42% of world fruit production

By 2014:

69% of the world’s mangoes 46% of the world's pineapples 20% of the world's papayas

e.g., convenient and ready-to-eat meals, premium labels, healthy and functional food

Over 1B Muslims (Indonesia,Pakistan, India, China, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand and Malaysia)

US$2.8 billion (1993) to US$ 4.9 billion (2002) Volume of intra-regional trade in food and drink

ASEAN Free Trade Area
ASEAN-Australia-NZ Free Trade Area
ASEAN-China Free Trade Area
ASEAN-India Free Trade Area
ASEAN-Japan Free Trade Area
ASEAN-Republic of Korea Free Trade Area