Event Components | IFEX Philippines | 24 - 26 May 2019 | World Trade Center Metro Manila

Main Components

Philippine Food Champions

The Philippine Champions Hall of IFEX Philippines is envisioned to be the premier venue for large Philippine food companies that have successfully established their brands in the world market (top PH Brands), for export companies processing the country’s Premium 7 Export Food Products (i.e. Banana, Mango, Pineapple, Coconut, Seafood/Tuna, Coffee, Cacao), for export companies processing the country’s next rising stars in Philippine food (i.e. Calamansi, Pili, Ube, Fruit-based Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverages), and for consolidators representing Philippine food exporters.

Asian Food Champions

The Asian Food Champions Hall of IFEX Philippines will showcase the international pavilions of Asian countries such as China, Singapore, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei among others. The focus on Asian food shall be supported by the Asian Flavors Avenue where a variety of Asian cuisine will be offered to event participants, buyers and visitors.

IFEX Connect-GMart

IFEX Connect will be the event’s business matching platform that will connect buyers with exhibitors of the show. It will accommodate the G-Mart Private Label matching program between top global and local grocers with IFEX Exhibitors interested in private label arrangements as well as the pre-arranged B2B meetings between our Very Important Buyers (VIBs) and IFEX Exhibitors.

Asian Flavors Avenue

Asian Flavors Avenue will feature various cuisines of the Asian region from Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia etc. It aims to provide a culinary experience to buyers and visitors and expose them to the diverse and unique flavors and taste profiles of various Asian cuisines.

Filipino Street Food

Filipino Street Food shall feature food carts, kiosks, food trucks that serve various street food typically found in the streets and public places in the Philippines– from balut, sisig, dinuguan at puto, kakanin/bibingka to dirty ice cream in unique flavors such as gabi, ube, or Filipino quezo. It aims to introduce or expose foreign buyers and visitors to a different but culturally enriching, and distinctly Filipino culinary experience through our local and well-known quick eats, affordable, and ready-to-eat food offerings.

IFEX Degustacion: A Taste of the Islands/Islands on a Plate

IFEX Degustacion aims to provide a unique food tasting experience to buyers and visitors where they can indulge in a gustatory experience via a food tasting festival featuring home-grown food brands and best known delicacies representing various Regions in the Philippines. Examples are the calea cakes of Negros Occidental, strawberry beer of Baguio, Malolos ensaymada, Durian delicacies of Davao etc. Pavilions will feature designs that highlight iconic tourist spots, or festivals/fiestas representing their respective regions (e.g. Pahiyas in Quezon, Kadayawan in Davao, Mayon Volcano in Bicol) to highlight the beautiful environs, cultural diversity of the regions reflected in their cuisine and food offerings. At the Degustacion, visitors can also buy featured food products on retail.

Beverage Lane

The Beverage Lane aims to showcase home-grown and top local brands of fruit-based alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, and wines and spirits. The beverage lane will provide beverage tasting and sampling, bartending, cocktail mixing and will feature brands and companies on a scheduled basis.

Special Features

Flavors and Spices Garden

The Flavors and Spices Garden is an IFEX attraction that will showcase the farm-to-table story behind healthy and nutritious vegetables and other crops that we eat everyday, and the health and nutritional benefits of various herbs and spices that we put on our food.

The Cold Storage

The Cold Storage will showcase various Philippine seafood and marine food products to buyers and visitors in a unique and experiential manner. This IFEX attraction aims to demonstrate to the 5 senses the freshness and high quality taste of Philippine seafood especially Philippine tuna, seaweeds, prawns, octopus, and various marine products. This feature may offer seafood exhibit, food tasting and sampling of fresh tuna sashimi, ceviche, shrimp cocktails.

Special Events

Halal for HORECA Conference

The Halal for HORECA Conference aims to expand awareness on the benefits and business prospects of halal certification for the HORECA and food service sector in the Philippines. It shall include a mini-exhibit area open to all IFEX exhibitors offering halal certified products. This conference is being proposed as a partnership between CITEM and EMB.

Food Export and Investment Pocket Seminars

The Food Export and Investment Pocket Seminar aims to provide a 1-day seminar and/or training on topics of interest to food exporting companies and/or traders. Topics include the latest regulations, trends and innovations in the food industry discussed by well-known industry experts and practitioners. Seminar tracks include Trade Fair Readiness, Market Compliance, Food Packaging Technology, Global Marketing among others.